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What Does The Future Hold For Us?

Our world is moving at such a rapid pace in all the areas we are passionate about. These include Leadership, Strategic Planning, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Community Organisations and Volunteers. Let us work together on helping you face these challenges and growing your organisation.

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Elevate Your Impact with Ric Raftis Consulting

At Ric Raftis Consulting, we go beyond consultation; we become the catalysts for your growth and innovation. Tailored for small to medium enterprises, non-profits, and community organisations, our bespoke strategies are crafted to meet your distinct challenges head-on.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Traverse your organisation's landscape with confidence as we work with you to generate insightful, actionable strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Step Into The Future

Working with you to adopt future technologies and AI to the benefit and future proofing of your organisation.

Governance & Boards

Building Reliable Governance

We help you empower your community organisation or non-profit with solid governance structures to build sustainable organisations with relevant policies.


Leadership & Communication

Discover and develop leadership that transforms, with our comprehensive training modules.