What Does The Future Hold For Us?

Our world is moving at such a rapid pace in all the areas I am passionate about. These include Community, Leadership, AI and Technology. Join me on this journey and create our future.

Image depicting a human with half face as neural network.

My Diverse Interests Keep Me Intrigued and Busy


Community, Leadership & Volunteering

Community organisations are critical to the survival of our society. We need good leaders to drive these organisations and bring people together. Don't wait for the government to do something, get out there and do it together.

Deep Mind image

Artificial Intelligence & The Future

The rapid and continuing growth of AI capabilities is nothing short of amazing. I follow as many developments as I can and research developments and the future prospects. A part of this is considering bias and ethics.



I am currently studying my MBA through the Australian Institute of Business. This is a part of my commitment to lifelong learning. The absorption of knowledge exercises and stretches your brain, keeps you young and provides continuous fascination in this world we live in and beyond.


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