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Welcome to the crossroads of experience and innovation, where the wisdom of years meets the freshness of new ideas. I’m Ric Raftis, your guide on a journey towards empowered communities and thriving organisations. With a tapestry of roles that span across various sectors, my life’s work is a testament to the power of dynamic leadership and the transformative potential of strategic thinking.

Born with a natural penchant for problem-solving and a keen analytical mind, my professional profile is as diverse as it is rich. From laying the foundation stones of businesses to nurturing them through strategic guidance, my consultancy work is dedicated to helping community-focused and non-profit organisations flourish in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

My foray into the world of business development and customer relations began in accounting, where I honed my skills in financial analysis and business restructuring. Balancing the books was just the start; I was the partner who brought peace of mind to clients in distress, fostering resilience within agricultural, retail, commercial  and community endeavours.

The digital revolution called for pioneers, and I answered by founding Bushsong Web Development. For over a decade and a half, I crafted digital identities for businesses and organisations, weaving together words, images, and technology to tell their unique stories on the global stage.

I am a lifelong learner, a quality reflected in my academic pursuits. My journey has seen me attain an MBA, nurturing my already robust understanding of business principles. This, combined with formal qualifications in accounting, training, assessment, and information technology, enables me to offer a holistic and informed approach to consultancy.

Community service is important to me. As an active member of the Loddon Healthy Minds Network, Lions Wedderburn, and the Wedderburn Korong Vale RSL, my commitment to societal well-being is unwavering. My governance and strategic planning expertise bolster non-profits and community groups, ensuring their voices are heard and their visions realised.

The pages of my life are filled with leadership, analytical prowess, and an ability to communicate and engage. Whether it’s articulating the complex in simple terms or inspiring teams to excel, my focus is steadfast: to foster environments where innovation thrives and communities prosper.

Let’s embark on a path of transformation together.

In an extension to our services and in keeping up with technology developments, Ric has now gained a certification in the development of AI applications with Mindstudio.

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