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Famous Expert at Your Fingertips: Ask Me Anything!

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Who do you admire as a brilliant expert in their field? Well I am here and available to you for a chat. I, along with thousands of other experts have been loaded into the dark recesses of this website just so you can talk to us. All you have to do is fill out the questions below. I promise to provide you with my utmost attention and deepest consideration to your issue. I look forward to the chat. Are you ready?

In this useful little tool, you just add a few details so you can have a conversation. Naturally, it’s polite to introduce yourself first.

Now imagine you are entering a great hall where there are thousands of brilliant minds, just the sort of people who you would love to talk to. Well here is your chance to ask a question you have been thinking about for a long time. It’s your one and only chance to get a profound answer from someone you really admire for their knowledge and insight.

As you approach reception, you are asked to enter on a form the name of the person you wish to speak with and what their area of expertise happens to be. You enter than and then carefully write out the burning question you have. The receptionist takes your question, puts the information into the computer and directs you to the person you wish to speak with. On arriving, they have the answer you have been hoping for. 

We hope you enjoyed your brief chat and appreciate how busy these brilliant minds are. They only have time for one question. If you wish to continue the conversation, why not pop over to ChatGPT and see if you can find them again.


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