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Exploring AudioPen – An Exciting AI Transcription Tool

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Breaking News Edit 31 August 2023

Email received from AudioPen this morning that their lifetime licence offer will be withdrawn on 26th September 2023.


Voice-to-text applications have been in existence for numerous years; however, their initial iterations faced significant challenges in generating accurate transcriptions and necessitated considerable user training. With the advent of artificial intelligence, these applications have experienced substantial improvements. One such application is AudioPen, which has proven to be highly effective and will be discussed herein.

Using AudioPen

AudioPen enables users to speak into a microphone or read a script, which is then transcribed using AI and converted into a text output based on the chosen style. Users can input their writing style into the application for training purposes, or select from options such as academic, formal, or casual tones. Furthermore, both the original audio input file and the transcribed text in AI format can be downloaded.

To demonstrate AudioPen’s capabilities, a paragraph from a children’s book generated by ChatGPT was used. The paragraph was read aloud with deliberate hesitations and errors to observe how AudioPen handles such instances.

Figure 1: Childrens’ story generated by ChatGPT

Figure 1: Childrens' story generated by ChatGPT
Source: Sceenshot from ChatGPT

The above was dictated into AudioPen with several uhs and umhs and word mistkes. These were all done intentionally in order to see the output from AudioPen. The following is what it returned.

After recording, users can choose the desired rewriting style and intensity level. In this case, a descriptive style was selected.

Source: Screenshot by author from AudioPen

Upon completion of the transcription process, it is evident that AudioPen effectively removes speech hesitations and errors while maintaining the essence of the story. The rewritten text is more vivid and engaging due to its increased descriptiveness as this was the style selected.

The original transcript can also be viewed and copied for further use, with options to create images of the transcript sized for various social media platforms or share via email, Twitter, or WhatsApp. To incorporate the transcript into a note-taking application such as Obsidian, simply copy the text from AudioPen and paste it into the desired location.

AudioPen Transcription pasted into Obsidian

AudioPen Transcription pasted into Obsidian
Source: Created by the author


In conclusion, AudioPen is an invaluable tool that saves time and enhances creativity in note-making. A free trial account of AudioPen, with a three-minute recording limit is available for those interested in experiencing its benefits firsthand.

Breaking News Edit 31 August 2023

Email received from AudioPen this morning that their lifetime licence offer will be withdrawn on 26th September 2023.

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