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Lets go on a Journey: AI for Presentation Decks

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Recently, I’ve been exploring AI applications for creating slide decks and wish to introduce you to one called Journey. This user friendly tool has impressed me with its capabilities and ease of use. The presentations it creates are first class and thoroughly professional and handle anything from a boardroom presentation to a school project.

Accessing the Application

Upon accessing the homepage of Journey, you will find it’s free to create an account and create up to five slide decks or presentations. Once your account is set up, a variety of templates are available for use including sales decks, case studies, and seed funding presentations among several others. However, you can also create your own from scratch if you wish. You are only limited by your imagination.


After choosing a template, the creation process begins. This is somewhat difficult to explain in an article, so I have created a video to walk you through the process and the features. There are a few things worth mentioning though.

  • Once generated there might be initial issues such as image style selection or layout adjustments which can easily be rectified while maintaining the flow of work on Journey.
  • The platform allows for easy customisation like changing colours, themes or adjusting text blocks according to preference.
  • It also features AI-generated images that fit perfectly within your presentation. The header image in this post was generated for the presentation in the video below.
  • Incorporating multimedia content such as videos from YouTube is straightforward; simply drag in video links where desired in your presentation layout. Other options include embedding files directly into the presentation or uploading items.
  • Journey also offers unique features like recording direct inputs from camera/microphone or even utilising AI prompts to generate additional information about certain topics within your deck.

Upon completion of your journey (presentation), it is recommended that you preview it first before sharing. This provides insight into how recipients will view it including any interactive elements like expandable images. Sharing completed journeys can be done via Twitter posts, LinkedIn shares or email distribution by generating appropriate links through share buttons provided on site interface.


In conclusion Journey provides numerous benefits making slide deck creation more accessible and efficient without compromising quality. It is pleasing to see these types of applications becoming available to not only assist with presentations, but also learning. It is certainly worth having a look at the Journey application and consider how you can use it to improve your presentations.

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