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A list of useful apps and software in community leadership. If you know of any others, please let us know.

App Name


AI Slide Decks

FREE & Paid
Input your topic and some other information and the software generates a slide deck. You can generate AI images and edit the entire deck adding and subtracting information.  You can then send a link to share the presentation. Get 200 free credits with this link. 

Checklist GG

AI Checklist Generator

FREE & Paid
Generates all sorts of checklists using AI which can then be edited and adjusted by human intervention. Paid version allows personal branding. LINK


Project Management

FREE & Paid 
Extremely powerful, fully fledged project management software. Multiple projects, Gantt charts, work scheduling and resourcing, progress lists and whiteboards. LINK



Video & Podcast creation

FREE & Paid
Easy to use video creation software. You can edit your voice input simply by deleting words in the transcription. Seamlessly edits it out of video. LINK

Audio Pen

AI Dictation

FREE & Paid
Audio Pen allows you to dictate your thoughts or read to the app. It then produces a cleaned up AI version in your selected style. You can download the audio file, the AI generated transcription and original transcription. Read review here


Note making & linking

Obsidian is amazing free note making software where notes can be linked to each other to create a network. Several videos on this site on how to use it. LINK


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