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Discover Typewriter Scroll Plugin: A Hidden Gem for Obsidian Users

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In the vast digital ocean of productivity tools and software enhancements, it’s easy for the smaller, yet incredibly impactful plugins to slip under the radar. Today, I want to shine a light on one such plugin that has significantly improved my writing experience in Obsidian: the Typewriter Scroll.

Before diving into the wonders of Typewriter Scroll, let’s briefly touch on another plugin that caught my eye – BeautyTab from Andrew McGivery. It allows users to customise new tabs with beautiful backgrounds, including seasonal themes. Although a quick mention, it’s a testament to the variety of plugins designed to enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of Obsidian.

Figure 1: Author’s new tab background

Screenshot of new tab in Obsidian using Beautitab plugin.
Source: Screenshot by author

Typewriter Scroll Plugin

Now, onto the star of the show – Typewriter Scroll. If you’re anything like me, having the cursor languish at the bottom of the screen while typing can be a frustrating experience. It disrupts the flow of thoughts, forcing you to continually scroll up to maintain a comfortable view. This is where Typewriter Scroll steps in to transform your writing experience.

Developed by Gordon Pedersen, an Australian from Melbourne, Typewriter Scroll has received some 57,000 downloads, a testament to its usefulness and popularity. This plugin ensures that as you type, the cursor remains centered on the screen, allowing you to focus on the content you’re creating. No more constant scrolling or losing sight of the cursor; your writing stays front and center.

Delving into the settings, Typewriter Scroll offers customisable options, including a Zen mode. This unique feature dims non-active lines, sharpening your focus on the current line of text. The opacity of this Zen mode is adjustable, catering to your personal preference for visual clarity and concentration.

Figure 2: Typewriter Scroll settings

Screenshot of Typewriter Scroll settings.
Source: Screenshot by author

During my exploration, I experimented with the Zen mode’s opacity settings, seeking a balance that allowed me to reference previous thoughts without overwhelming visual distractions. The ability to fine-tune these settings underscores the plugin’s flexibility and user-centric design.

One of the most delightful aspects of Typewriter Scroll is its seamless integration into the writing process. Simply place the cursor in your document, and the plugin automatically centers it, maintaining this position as you type. This subtle yet powerful adjustment ensures a consistent, comfortable viewing angle, enhancing your overall writing experience.


In conclusion, Typewriter Scroll is a must-have plugin for Obsidian users looking to elevate their writing experience. Its thoughtful design, coupled with customisable settings, provides a focused and efficient environment for content creation. Whether you’re drafting an article, jotting down ideas, or compiling research, Typewriter Scroll ensures your thoughts remain at the heart of your digital workspace. Give it a try, and you may find it as indispensable to your writing routine as I have. Cheers to enhanced productivity and a more enjoyable writing journey with Obsidian!

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