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How to Add an Image Background to an Obsidian Canvas

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The quickest way that we take things into our brain is through our eyes. While me might “see” a whole sentence in an article, it still doesn’t necessarily provide context to what the article is about. By contrast, an image immediately gives us an overview of what is happening. Sometimes first looks can be deceiving, but it doesn’t change the fact that we still make our assumptions based on the image before us.

Adding Impact to Obsidian Canvas

A new feature just released in the latest version of Obsidian (insider build only at this stage), is the ability to add backgrounds on the Canvas. Such an ability provides a tool to increase the immediate impact of your Canvas as soon as it is seen.

The feature is implemented by “drawing” a group around a collection of items on the canvas. You then name the group and add a background image.


Perhaps the easiest way to demonstrate is with a quick video.


  1. Canvas does not provide the ability to add solid background colours with the colour palette. If you want to add solid backgrounds to different areas of your canvas, then download colour background images from your favourite search engine and store them for future use.
  2. You can drag a Canvas into an Obsidian note. They do not render particularly well in my experience, but at least provide a link to the Canvas within the body of your note.


This is a great new feature for Canvas in Obsidian. There is considerable work going into improving this fantastic visual tool and the team at Obsidian are doing a great job.


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