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How To Build And Automate An Obsidian Daily Note Template – Part 2

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Now that the basic concept of the Daily Note in Obsidian has been covered, in this article and video I will go through the detail of what is under the folded areas. Obviously it would be quite lengthy to go through all this in an article with various screenshots, so the best way to view this is in the accompanying video.

My Components

The intention of this series is to give you ideas for your own Daily Note. This is a very personal area and you will have different ideas and needs to mine. Although my note is full of various bits and pieces, yours may well have quite a number more or quite a number less.

Not only does it not matter what you put in your Daily Note, it also doesn’t matter which personal knowledge management system you use. That is why it is called “personal”. Obsidian meets my needs very well and is my PKM of choice, but there are others that may work equally well if not better for your needs.

All Notes are Dynamic

All notes, including your Daily Note, are intended to be dynamic. They are not set in concrete and you should feel free to change them at any time to meet your current and anticipated future needs. The last part can be a little difficult as you are peering into the future. Just ask yourself how you can future proof your notes and put those ideas into practice.

The Great Unfold Video


I hope this has given you some ideas for your own Daily Note. In the next articles and videos, I will cover the way to automate these processes and include them in your Daily Note to save you time.

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I look forward to your feedback and questions.


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